When you can't kiss, you can't flirt and you've got next to no charisma what do you get? Some wildly unpleasant stories and a few very displeased women. It all starts here, with Twins, a tale of two sisters (and me).


Above the Spectrum is a blog dedicated to uncomfortable stories and terrible literature. Currently, Above the Spectrum is the only project on here, but I may add a second program to the weekly cycle.


Above the Spectrum (Updated Mondays, Noon, Central Time):

One man, armed with nothing but Asperger’s attempts to fight his way through; Constipation! The consequences of making bomb threats! Friendship! Relationships! Interactions with women in general! And most importantly, himself.

Tune in each week to read about our stunningly lackluster protagonist (hint; it’s me) taking on the world. Hate to spoil it, but so far I’ve lost every time.



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