Above the Spectrum

Updated Mondays at Noon Central Time.

One man, armed with nothing but Asperger’s attempts to fight his way through; Constipation! The consequences of making bomb threats! Friendship! Relationships! Interactions with women in general! And most importantly, himself.

Tune in each week to read about our stunningly lackluster protagonist (hint; it’s me) taking on the world. Hate to spoil it, but so far I’ve lost every time.


  1. Foreword.
  2. Dookster.
  3. Guess Who’s Back.
  4. Domino.


  1. Twins.
  2. Touching Base.
  3. Torpedo Tongue.
  4. Valentine’s Day
  5. Girl on Girl.
  6. Thank You Maury Povich, and More!


  1. Smut.
  2. Gauze.


  1. Ungrateful.
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