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Henry has always had a strict moral code. A list so strict, it only has 1 item on it. ‘Don’t bang your moms.’

Easier said than done.

But after your mothers end all life on Earth as we know it, sometimes you need to reevaluate your priorities. Henry needs a friend who can bang them in his place.

If only it were that simple. That friend would need to gain the approval of his mothers first, a feat that can only be accomplished by beating ‘The Gauntlet’; A series of confusing worlds with seemingly no connection to reality whatsoever.

Join our hero, Bill, as he reluctantly carves his way through a variety of absurd trials in a bid to take Henry’s place as the lover of his mothers. Can he do it? Does he want to do it? Probably no to both, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

This isn’t a porn book, I promise.

Chapter 1: Settle In

Chapter 2: Dream World

Chapter 3: Reptile

Chapter 4: The Plot Thickens

Chapter 5: The Shrine

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